Boundary Re-establishment

Boundary Re-establishment

A boundary re-establishment survey (or referred to as a re-peg) is a type of survey that marks/positions your Titled property corners on the ground. 

A boundary re-establishment survey is usually completed to assist with any new build or building extension, but can also assist in determining if any structures close to the boundary lines are positioned correctly, resolve any boundary disputes or establish the legal ownership of the property for any fencing/construction requirements.

Once the survey has been completed, the landowner receives a re-establishment certificate (Regulation 25A of the Licensed Surveyors (General Surveying Practice) Regulations 1961) that shows the marks that have been placed and any structures close to the boundary lines. This certificate is signed by the Licensed Surveyor who completed the work and can be used as a legal document, should it be required.

A boundary re-establishment survey can only be completed by a Licensed Surveyor with a current practicing certificate issued by the Land Surveyors Licensing Board

Michael is accredited with Licence Number 1083 and holds a current practicing certificate.

Should you require a Licensed Surveyor who is experienced with completing boundary re-establishment surveys, contact us below and we will be in contact, shortly.

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